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Course Features

Our regulation USGA rated course is average length, easy to walk, and well maintained. The 9-hole tree-lined course has wide-open fairways. Our small greens demand good shot making ability. Riverview has 3 sets of tee boxes offering a variety of lengths. When played twice, the course offers a wide variety of angles and shots making the front nine play substantially different than the back nine.

Open Year Round
The golf course is open and available for play every day unless the course is snow covered, the greens are frost covered (in which there would only be a delay until the course is opened), or if the course is too saturated from rain.

Fully Irrigated Course, tee to green
A state of the art automated fairway irrigation system was installed during the 2002 season. In addition to this installation project, the tee and green irrigation system was completely upgraded.

USGA Handicap Services Available
Handicap services are offered to each patron of the Riverview Golf Club. Those who are Annual Greens Fee patrons will be provided this service at no cost. Those who are not annual members will pay a $20.00 annual fee for the club to administer handicap services.

Outings Welcomed
Golf outings are always welcomed at Riverview Golf Club. Our golf staff will go out of our way to ensure that your day on the course is an enjoyable one. Shotgun starts are available for groups larger than 32 players. For smaller outings, a shotgun start can be arranged, if necessary. An outing menu is available with numerous choices from a picnic style menu to a full steak dinner. Call 717-770-5893 to reserve your date!

Tee Times
Tee times are in place seven days a week, all day long from the last weekend in March through the last weekend in October. Tee times may be made one week in advance. For those that are annual members of RVGC, standing tee times are available for groups of two or more. This means that you would not have to call week in and week out to schedule your tee time. We only take tee times for groups of two or more. Singles do not need to reserve a tee time, as we’ll make sure you get on the course, as soon as, is possible.  However, we ask that all individuals wishing to play on Saturday or Sunday call the Riverview Golf Club at 717-770-5199 to ensure availability of your desired tee time before coming to the course.  And remember… we do not have an automated tee time system. Therefore… you’ll always get to talk to a real live person when scheduling your tee time!

Dress Code
Clothing designed as outerwear is required. No tank tops, undershirts, t-shirts (men and women), cut-off jeans, short shorts, sweat pants or bathing suits. All men are required to wear a golf shirt (collared or crew). Hats must be worn with the bill of the cap facing forward. Only golf shoes (soft spikes only) or soft soled athletic shoes will be permitted. In general, proper attire will be worn. The sleeves of a woman’s top must come to the end of the shoulders.

Snack Bar (Temporarily Closed)
The Riverview Golf Course offers a fully operational Snack Bar. Monday through Friday, daily lunch specials are offered ranging from chicken filet sandwiches and french fries to hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and a vegetable. The usual staples, hamburgers and hotdogs are always available, as well. Also, Monday through Friday, several choices of hot soups are prepared.

Pro Shop
A small, yet fully stocked Pro Shop is provided for our golfing patrons. Everything you may need on a daily basis is provided (tees, gloves, balls, etc.). Special orders are also welcomed. Our policy on golf clubs is that we will always match the lowest price you can find anywhere (internet pricing excluded)!!

Practice Range
Our practice range may be rather small, but it still affords you the opportunity to hone your skills! The range is approximately 185 yards long by 60 yards wide. A practice sand bunker is also available. A practice putting green is situated next to the clubhouse.

Course Overview

Our tree-lined regulation sized course is easy to walk and well maintained with wide-open fairways that are both forgiving and challenging. The course is truly a green jewel nestled along the gorgeous coast of the Susquehanna River. The views of the surrounding countryside are breathtaking.

Hole #1 par 4 – Blue 391 yards, Green 377 yards, Silver 340 yards
Hole #10 par 4 – Black 340 yards, White 340 yards, Gold 306 yards

From either the first or the tenth tee this hole has the look of innocence. However, beware the gully! You may decide to lay up off the tee in front of the gully in order to give yourself a full second shot. Or, you may decide to “rip” it and take your chances with a very short blind shot from the depths of the gully! Either way, take care not to miss this green unless you miss it short. One of our most deceptive greens with subtle undulations that will drive you batty! An excellent starting hole!

Hole #2 par 4 – Blue 367 yards, Green 367 yards, Silver 305 yards
Hole #11 par 4 – Black 392 yards, White 348 yards, Gold 348 yards

From the new #2 back tee this hole plays as a 367 yard dog-leg left. And the fairway slopes from left to right! With a perfectly placed fairway bunker guarding the right side, your tee shot is critical (did we forget to mention the fairway bunker on the left??) From other tees the hole plays virtually straight away with a slight incline as you approach the green. This green, at first glance, appears to be rather tame. But, looks can surely deceive! Hope your short game is on if you miss this one!

Hole #3 par 3 – Blue 179 yards, Green 165 yards, Silver 165 yards
Hole #12 par 3 – Black 218 yards, White 167 yards, Gold 167 yards

From the back tees this is our most challenging par 3. Prevailing winds tend to be in your face, which can some days mean two to three extra clubs! Oh…and it’s a blind shot too! Blind, also, is the bunker in front spanning the entire width of the green. There’s plenty of bail out room…right or left. That’s assuming you don’t have the nerve to fire at the pin!

Hole #4 par 4 – Blue 373 yards, Green 373 yards, Silver 249 yards
Hole #13 par 4 – Black 344 yards, White 344 yards, Gold 344 yards

From the back tee box this shot can be quite intimidating! Out-of-bounds runs down the entire left side of the hole and the bail out area to the right has plenty of trees that will get in your way. Other than that it’s a pretty simple hole. However…do not over club on your approach shot! O.B. also prevails behind the green, which slopes from back to front with a severe drop-off towards the approach area. The green is also well guarded with bunkers on both sides.

Hole #5 par 5 – Blue 573 yards, Green 549 yards, Silver 438 yards
Hole #14 par 5 – Black 502 yards, White 502 yards, Gold 438 yards

The first time around this hole plays as a sharp dog leg right. On the back nine it plays straight away. This is our number one handicap hole from the 5th tee! Out-of-bounds runs the entire length of the hole on the left side. There is also an in-course out-of-bounds on the right side that is in play only when playing hole #5 only. As you approach the green things begin to narrow a bit. And here’s a hint…if you find yourself in amongst the trees on the right…take your medicine and punch out! Accuracy is a premium on this hole!! Don’t get greedy!

Hole #6 par 3 – Blue 202 yards, Green 183 yards, Silver 150 yards
Hole #15 par 3 – Black 183 yards, White 150 yards, Gold 115 yards

From the tee, this shot looks as level as they come. But, the reality is that it’s uphill! So, you may want to give yourself an extra club to get to the green. The primary tee box stretches out almost 80 yards. Depending on which color tees you’re playing you can have a 150 tee shot or a 202 yard shot! Out-of-Bounds runs along the entire left of the hole and behind the green. If you happen to pull or push your tee shot over the fence you can wish your ball a safe trip to Baltimore (train tracks run along the river)! The 6th/15th green is probably our flattest surface. However, watch out for those subtle little breaks that are typical of all our greens.

Hole #7 par 5 – Blue 460 yards. Green 460 yards, Silver 460 yards
Hole #16 par 5 – Black 468 yards, White 468 yards, Gold 419 yards

A relatively short Par 5, this slight dogleg left (from the blue, green and silver tees) is guarded by well positioned bunkers. A 40 yard bunker runs along the left side and two smaller bunkers guard the right side of the fairway. As you near the green you’ll find three bunkers that can turn this hole from a birdie to a bogie in no time. Your approach shot to the green should be to the right side of the fairway allowing yourself the best opening to the pin. If you’re looking to pick up some strokes…this is the hole to do it on!

Hole #8 par 3 – Blue 157 yards, Green 157 yards, Silver 157 yards
Hole #17 par 3 – Black 214 yards, White 214yards, Gold 160 yards

With the third, and final, Par 3, you’ll find another 200+ yard shot (from the Black tees). Again, don’t let the innocent appearance fool you! If you find the pin tucked on the far right side of the green…this is a sucker pin placement! There is a sneaky little bunker just off the right edge. Play to the center of the green, get your par, and move on!

Hole #9 par 4 -Blue 349 yards, Green 349 yards, Silver 320 yards
Hole #18 par 4 – Black 352 yards, White 352 yards, Gold 294 yards

This excellent finishing hole is punctuated by the unique slope of the green. Lore tells us that, when built, an elephant was buried in the center of the green. Make your own conclusions! Off the Black and White tees you will find a few trees to maneuver around. Halfway up the fairway you’ll find two bunkers that make your approach shot to the green quite challenging. Again, the best way to “come in” to the green is from the right side (of course the fairway slopes from right to left) in order to avoid the deep bunker that guards the left front. No matter how you get to the green…this is where the fun begins! Many a shaking head has been seen walking to the clubhouse!

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