Family Advocacy Program

If you are in IMMEDIATE DANGER CALL 9-1-1

Our mission is to educate, strengthen, and support families. We offer a variety of services to help families develop and maintain healthy relationships, especially during transition and stress. Our primary goal is victim safety and well-being.

The DLA Family Advocacy Program can provide:

• Virtual Workshops on parenting and personal adjustment
• Crisis intervention and referrals for free-of-charge counseling
• Report point for child abuse, domestic abuse, and intimate partner sexual assault among military members
• Information and referral for those caring for older adults
• Deployment and reintegration support for Defense Logistics Agency personnel who are deployed

To report child or domestic abuse or other personal danger concerns, call your local FAP 717-770-7066 or the York County Child Protective Services at 800-729-9227 or Cumberland County Child Protective Services at 717-240-6120.

Call the DoD child abuse report line, 877-790-1197, for the reporting of suspicions of child sexual abuse in a DoD facility.

In an effort to respond to the needs and requests of patrons, FAP has an exciting new resource offering. The monthly Family Advocacy Program Workshops will be available as a virtual webinar that can be accessed through the MWR website and Facebook page anytime day or night in order to make our valuable resources available to patrons at a time and place that is convenient to them.

Check out this month’s Virtual Workshop below: