Parent Participation Program

This is a program that enables parents to receive a discount on childcare fees through volunteer opportunities available with Child and Youth Services.

CYS Parent Participation Points

  • Parents can earn 1 point per hour for approved volunteer opportunities in a CYS activity

  • Ten points will earn a 10% discount to the oldest child’s fees  for the following month

  • Unused points will carry over to the next month, but may not be transferred to another family

  • Volunteer opportunities should be scheduled in advance and receive prior approval

  • Parent volunteers must sign in and sign out when volunteering to receive credit for their time

  • Discounts will only be applied during the first billing cycle of a month


Program Opportunities

Program Evaluation



ICYSE, accreditation or CARAT  team assistance; completion of selected surveys such as COA or NAEYC Accreditation

1 point  per hour spent or 1 point  per completed survey

Parent Education



Attend parent education session or PAC meeting

2 points per parent education session

or PAC meeting (For officers, additional point per hour spent in preparation  of the agenda as well as meeting attendance)

Community or Special Events



MOMC programs, seasonal parties (assisting in some way; points not earned for attendance alone). May coordinate  a volunteer effort or work a shift at

a community event, function or production

1 point  per hour of time spent

Classroom Activities



Participation in program activities -i.e., child development center, school-age center or middle  school/teen program; assist with lunchtime; share talent or assist with homework

1 point  per hour of time spent

Program-Wide Projects



Repair toys and equipment; prepare newsletter; laminate classroom or program materials; assist with curriculum, 4-H or BGCA; create bulletin boards


1 point  per hour of time spent

Individual Projects



Make games, record book on CD, create prop boxes, sew or make classroom materials, etc.

To be determined in advance; range is 1-3 points per project. Consideration given to time spent